Four Reasons To Use APK Protect

Why APK Protect is the best APK security protect solution? It is because we are the FIRST company provides protection on Android, and we have over 10 years of security protection experience on PC.

  • The Significance of Source Code

    You may think the free application developed by you is negligible. However, all successes come from tiny products. You will not want your application copied by others, and make profits by others through add with ads/ virus. Users may think the inconveniences are brought by its developer which finally bring you bad reputation. Today, you will be able to protect your APK by APK Protect.
  • APK Protect Supports Java and C++ Protection

    Most Android developers use Java code to write programs. Meanwhile, Android allows C++ code to make the works more effective. APK Protect supports both Java and C++ code.
  • Is APK Protect Free?

    As a developer like you, we hold the same idea. We will provide free service for the first time, and the following times would offered with a very favourable price. We believe you can protect your products and make profits with our service. We are your permanent security supporter.
  • APK Protect Supports Most Android Versions

    APK Protect perfectly supports most popular Android versions from 2.1-4.2. Surely it will support Android 5.0 in the future.

You can run it on PC directly without installation. APK Protect APK Protect PC Edition provides effective Java encryption. It comes in handy to all programmers who want to make sure that the APK files they distribute are not being hacked or cracked. Due to this application, nobody will be able to decompile or apply anti-debugging to Android executables.

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Pick The Right Edition

Pick the best protect solution according to your requirements.

  • APKProtect Lite

    Lite Edition

    Lite Edition provides very effective Java encryption, thus no one can decompile or apply anti-debugging to the APK.

  • APKProtect Online

    Professional Edition

    Professional Edition allows you encrypt as many as 10 Java classes. Longer user-defined password is supported.

  • APKProtect Enterprise

    Enterprise Edition

    Enterprise Edition is the most advanced edition. It provides all-round protection. It supports Java/C++ encryption.

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